Our Commercial Real Estate Services


Data Entry for Asset Information

RIISnet Advisors are here to assist you with the task of entering your commercial portfolio into the Transaction Zone for analysis. Whatever format your data is currently, we will provide a strategy to quickly and efficiently enter your information. Our goal is to assist you in this process so that you can receive your Commercial Real Estate Analytics as quickly as possible.  

Search Advisory

RIISnet advisors will assist you in designing and entering the optimum search criteria for your specific acquisition needs.  In a matter of minutes, your searches will be actively reviewing the database of thousands of assets and notes, across all property types, searching for ideal matches and transaction opportunities.

Property Promotion

Every For Sale property is provided an electronic deal room, free of charge and set up by your RIISnet Advisors.  The deal room is populated with the electronic documentation that allows Buyers, under confidentiality agreement, to instantly access and review the due diligence documentation necessary to proceed to the contract negotiation phase.

Buyer-Seller Matching

RIISnet provides you deal opportunities not only through actively For Sale properties, but also through passive criteria matching.  Your properties AND your searches provide instant, real-time connectivity to all of the demand and supply that is registered within the RIISnet platform, regardless of active For Sale status.  RIISnet Advisors can create “back room” deal opportunities at your request based on the specific requirements you seek in a buyer or seller.