Real-Time Analytics for Commercial Properties and Notes

RIISnet’s interactive database allows users to determine the level of demand and current value of any commercial real estate property or note in their portfolio using real-time supply & demand information. Users see aggregate industry supply & demand information based on other participants’ acquisition & disposition plans, as well as on active searches by professional commercial real estate investors and commercial real estate properties and notes currently available for sale. With this advantageous information, users can predict industry performance and position their acquisition & disposition strategies based on current and forward looking information rather than on historical trends.

RIISnet provides a confidential staging area for individual assets that are uploaded into the system, the Hold Box. Only the owner of the property and RIISnet can access this information. As each property is uploaded into the Hold Box, confidential information about the buyers actively seeking that property is immediately available to the owner without revealing the buyer’s identity. Owners will also see how many buyers there are at varying prices. Additionally, owners will be able to determine the likelihood and capacity of each buyer to close the transaction and immediately contact the chosen buyer.

Commercial Real Estate Analysis Tool

The Hold Box for Commercial Real Estate Analysis

  • Delivers Real-Time Supply & Demand Data
  • Delivers Real-Time Valuation Data
  • Delivers Vital Information About the Buyers Actively Seeking the Asset
  • Creates an Avenue for Direct Contact with Interested Buyers


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