The Broker's Tool for Commercial Real Estate & Notes

Because we recognize the power of the information you have, your understanding of the marketplace, and the client relationships that you possess, brokerage representation is mandatory in RIISnet. Brokers registered in RIISnet have their licenses displayed by state for principal selection at various stages of the buy/sell process, and are available for selection by our registered users. RIISnet registrants represent a “who’s who” of industry participants, traditionally trading approximately 40% of industry dollar transaction volume. Our participants have uploaded hundreds of billions of dollars of assets and demand in all types of real estate throughout the United States.


Use your Broker account in RIISnet to model assets and determine demand for your client or prospect’s assets.  Use this information during your presentations as the “ultimate listing tool”.  Once retained by your principal, enter their property data and get immediate access to all of the interested buyers for their property based on real-time demand matches. You can show your client each buyer’s search, what type of company they are, and their search parameters; all in real time, at your computer, with the click of your mouse. 


Use the real time demand displays to help your client make decisions about whether this is the right time to offer the property for sale, and at what price.  Analyze each potential buyer and determine whether you want to engage them in conversation about your client’s asset based on their search criteria and capabilities.  Engagement offers the freedom of a letter of intent, and a level of protection similar to that of a contract.


Once your decision has been made to move forward on a disposition, either invite selected buyers into your free deal room individually, or let all the potential buyers know you are ready instantly, with a click of your mouse. Such efficient, cost-effective marketing can change the way you work, and the number of clients you can serve. Choose from a list of interested pre-qualified confidential buyers, then enter into the private Engagement phase, safe from uninvited outside interference with ample time to perform due diligence and to construct sale contracts.


Use RIISnet’s private funding sources to aid borrowers in establishing new sources of funds to augment the existing owner, or take out the existing debt.