• Analyze, Decide, Connect, Finance
  • Analyze Commercial Real Estate Data Image
    Compare your Properties, Notes, and
    Searches against Supply & Demand
    in the Commercial Real Estate market.
  • Decide Commercial Real Estate Data Image
    Evaluate lists of Interested Buyers
    and Sellers of Commercial Real Estate
    to determine the best Participant
    to most likely close a deal.
  • Connect Commercial Real Estate Data Image
    Instantly meet your counterpart
    and share sensitive information through
    a secure, online data vault.
  • Finance Commercial Real Estate Data Image
    Access exclusive financing or refinancing
    solutions for commercial real estate
    and commercial notes.

A Patented, Web-based Platform for the Real-Time

Buying & Selling of Commercial Real Estate Assets & Notes

Whether you are a buyer or seller, lender, asset manager, loan advisor, servicer, or broker; RIISnet analytics and connectivity will greatly enhance your commercial real estate business practice.

RIISnet technology allows owners and fiduciaries of commercial real estate assets and notes to see current qualified demand by matching their specific asset and note to specific active buyer searches. After analysis of the potential buyer, negotiations for the sale of the asset or note can begin in a secure password protected environment instantly, with a click of the mouse.

RIISnet buyers represent a “who’s who” of industry participants, responsible for approximately 40% of the value of all transactions over $2 million in the United States, and have registered searches in RIISnet for over $200 Billion of commercial real estate assets and notes throughout the country. RIISnet sellers have uploaded hundreds of billions of dollars of their assets and notes.

RIISnet is more than just technology:

In addition to our groundbreaking technology, RIISnet maintains a staff of dedicated advisors and representatives ready to help train your team, manage your data, and leverage our tools to maximize your efficiency, ease of execution, and profitability.

Live Webinars:

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RIISnet Commercial Real Estate Webinars
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  • Choose ORIENTATION if RIISnet is new to you. Orientation explains the market issues that RIISnet is designed to solve and the benefits provided by the platform.
  • Choose TRAINING if you want to learn how to best utilize the RIISnet commercial real estate platform for buying, selling and analysis.

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